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Arthur Russell

Arthur Russell was a performer/composer from the downtown NY scene of the late seventies and early eighties whose music was all but ignored during his lifetime but has been posthumously lauded in the most glowing of terms and has consequently become a key influence on many of today's most interesting producers and musicians.

Arthur Russell was a musical polymath whose output ranged from minimalist composition to disco, electro, ethereal folk, and new wave rock. He had studied Indian classical music under Ali Akbar Khan, was a floating member of Talking Heads, and worked with Larry Levan, Rhys Chatham, Bootsy Collins and Allen Gisberg amoungst many others. He exemplifies the genre-bending, collaborative, expressive, and individualistic approach to music making which is characteristic of the music of the New York downtown scene.

His Dinosaur L project created a timeless disco not disco anthem in the form of the Larry Levan mix of Go Bang! and his Loose Joints project created a disco classic in the form of All Over Your Face. His disco not disco output is the primary focus of Soul Jazz Record's World of Arthur Russell compilation, which features Dinosuar L and Loose Joints alongside classic releases under his own name. New York Noise Volume 2 features two more rare Arthur Russell tracks in the form of Felix's Tiger Stripes and the Arthur Russell dub mix of Clandestine. Check out the great Audika label for yet more Arthur Russell goodies!

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