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Barrington Levy

Popular Jamaican singer. He was performing in the Kingston dancehalls in the late 70?s as a young teenager and commercial success came after he teamed up with Henry ?Junjo? Lawes, the top producer on the island at that time, with ?Collie Weed? being their first big hit. His debut album, ?Bounty Hunter? was a big success and hits such as ?Prison Oval Rock?, ?Shine Eye Gal? and ?Money Move? consolidated his position as the number one singer in Jamaica at the time. He then worked with producer Jah Screw and recorded the massive ?Under Mi Sensi? and ?Here I Come?. Things cooled a bit for him in the late 80s / early 90s but he continued to record and remained a very popular live performer in Jamaica and especially in London and New York. Major success returned in 1996 with ?Living Dangerously?, a collaboration with Bounty Killer that became the biggest selling reggae track of that year. He is still recording and performing today and frequently turns up as a guest vocalist on US hip hop tracks.

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