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Burning Spear

Taking his name from former Mau Mau leader and president of Kenya Jomo Kenyatta, Burning Spear records (real name Winston Rodney) usually talk about black history and culture, Rasta beliefs and universal themes of peace and love. He first came to attention at Studio One in the late 60s after his friend Bob Marley had arranged an audition for him with Coxsone Dodd. He went on to record a series of classic tracks that sounded quite unlike anything else in reggae at the time ? ?Door Peeper?, Joe Frazier?, ?Creation Rebel?, ?Ethiopians Live It Out?, ?Zion Higher?, ?Get Ready? plus many more. He then went on to have huge hits with the producer Jack Ruby, ?Marcus Garvey? and ?Slavery Days?. In the mid 70s he started to release music on his own Spear label whilst still recording for other labels, even signing deals with majors? Island and then EMI and he still continues to perform and record today .

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