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Culture were a Jamaican roots group featuring Joseph Hill (lead vocals), Albert ?Ralph? Walker, (backing vocals) and Kenneth Paley (aka Kenneth Dayes, backing vocals). Hill started out as a member of the Studio One group the Soul Defenders and then had one hit at the label as a solo artist, ?Behold The Land?. However, it was as a trio recording for Joe Gibbs that they shot to international stardom with the apocalyptic ?Two Sevens Clash?, a big hit in Jamaica but also an anthem for the emerging punk scene in the UK. Further success came with recordings for Gibbs? and Sonia Pottinger, one of few Jamaican female producers in the business. They then signed a deal with a major, Virgin?s new Front Line reggae label. Joseph Hill, who came to symbolise the face of Culture died in 2006 while the group was on tour.

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