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Dennis Brown

Or ?the Crown Prince of Reggae? as he?s often known has had an extraordinary number of hit records and is possibly the most loved singer of all time amongst reggae fans. Born Kingston Jamaica in 1957 he started his career aged just 11 years old at Studio One where he had two huge hits with ?No Man Is An Island? and ?If I Follow My Heart?.

In the 1970s he recorded for many different top producers such as Derrick Harriott, Clive Chin, Winston ?Niney? Holness (where he made the legendary Wolf & Leopards album, a roots classic) and Joe Gibbs, with whom he had huge hits such as Money In My Pocket? and ?I?m Coming Home?

He went on to set up his own DEB (Dennis Emmanuel Brown) label where he released his own music and produced others? to great effect. Over the following 20 years the hits kept coming, everybody still wanted to work with Dennis Brown, here was a legend who still had what it took -Taxi, King Jammy?s, Music Works, Black Scorpio, Gregory Isaacs, Beenie Man, Tristan Palma ? the list goes on. His live performances pulled in huge crowds throughout his long career. He passed away in 1999 and is sorely missed.

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