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DNA were one of the 'first wave' of no wave bands to emerge from New York's underground downtown scene in the mid to late seventies.

No wave was the term given to the anti-music created by a group of bands that sought to challenge, and disengage from, past styles of rock music. These (non) musicians did not infact entirely reject their influences, but did respond to them in a radically original way: no wave music was charactersed by dissonance; jerky, stumbling rhythms; short and unusual strong structures; choking or screamed vocals; and perhaps primarily by the snarly nihilism of many of the musicians.

DNA received their first booking before they had even formed! Founder member Arto Lindsay had somehow been given a slot at Max's Kansas City, so he convinced Ikue Mori, the girlfriend of The Contortions first bass player, to play drums, and enlisted performance artist Robin Crutchfield to play organ. This line up was selected by Brian Eno to appear on the seminal No New York compilation of no wave bands.

Robin Crutchfield eventually left to form his own minimal synth band, Dark Day, who are featured on the third volume of our New York Noise series of compilations. He was replaced by Pere Ubu's bassist Tim Wright. This classic line up performed in the film New York Beat (released, finally, as Downtown 81) and at around the same time recorded an EP for American Clave from which the track featured on New York Noise volume one is taken.

Ikue Mori went on to create fantastic electronic music (check out the Phantom Orchid album she made with downtown avant-harpist Zeena Parkins!) and Arto Lindsay has appeared with Material, The Golden Palominos, and the Lounge Lizzards amounst others.

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