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Joe Gibbs

Jamaican record producer, he started out in the music business selling records from his Kingston TV repair shop. The rapid growth of the local music scene encouraged him to get more involved in the business and in 1966 he started to record artists in the back of his shop with a two-track tape machine, assisted by a young Lee Perry, who had just ended his association with Coxsone Dodd. These rocksteady recordings were released on Gibbs? Jogib, Amalgamated and Pressure Beat labels and it wasn?t long before he had a big hit, ?Hold Them? by Roy Shirley

More success followed with artists such as the Versatiles, Lyn Taitt and the Jets, Stranger and Gladdy, the Pioneers and Lee Perry himself. After Perry left to set up his own ?Upsetter? label Gibbs enlisted the young Winston "Niney" Holness (Niney The Observer) who helped maintain Gibbs' productions at the top of the charts as the music mutated from rocksteady in to reggae. In 1970 they found international success with "Love of the Common People" by Nicky Thomas which reached #9 in the UK charts

In the early 70s he started to work with the sound engineer Errol ?ET? Thompson for what is considered as one of the most prolific collaborations in reggae history. Together, known as "The Mighty Two", along with their studio band The Professionals (which included bassist Robbie Shakespeare, drummer Sly Dunbar and guitarist Earl ?Chinna? Smith) they produced hundreds of singles including the huge international hits "Money In My Pocket" by Dennis Brown, ?Uptown Top Ranking? by Althea and Donna and UK punks? favourite ?Two Sevens Clash? by Culture. They were also pioneers in the the dub/version boom that was exploding worldwide

As the music changed in to Dancehall Gibbs and ET continued to have hits in the early 80s but in the mid 80s after being sued by country singer Charley Pride he decided to call it a day. However, in 1993 he went back to the Jamaican music scene, producing new records again with ET until the latter?s death in 2006.

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