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King Tubby

The undisputed king of Dub. Born Osbourne Ruddock in Kingston Jamaica, 1941, Tubby started out repairing radios as a teenager but soon became interested in sound system amplifiers. He started work for Duke Reid, cutting his records and repairing equipment. In the late 60s he set up his own sound system, Tubby?s Home Town Hi Fi featuring U Roy on the mic. Whilst working for Duke Reid he started experimenting with the label?s rocksteady tunes, dropping the bass and vocals in and out ? this was the birth of dub. He began cutting his own special versions on to dub plates to play on the sound system, whilst the spaces left when the vocals dropped out allowed greater freedom for DJ?s such as U Roy to expand their patter.

Next Tubby bought an old 4 track mixer from Dynamic Studios and began experimenting further with echo and other effects. Over the next few years he mixed records for virtually all of Jamaica?s top producers - Lee Perry, Winston Riley, Bunny Lee, Augustus Pablo and many more. Many budding young producers worked as apprentice engineers for him, such as King Jammy and Scientist. In the 80s Tubby began making digital music with the new wave of up and coming DJs and singers such as Ninjaman, Courtney Melody, Pliers and Anthony Red Rose. Tragically Tubby was shot outside his home in 1989, robbery apparently the motive. Tubby was truly a musical genius who has had a huge influence on almost every genre of modern music. Gone but never forgotten.

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