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Liquid Liquid

Liquid Liquid were an industrial dance act from the underground downtown New York scene of the late seventies and early eighties.

The band was made up of schoolfriends Scott Harley, Richard McGuire, Salvatore Principato, and Dennis Young and emerged out of an experimental band called Liquid Idiot who released just one single. As they were huge fans of ESG they gave a tape of their music to 99 Records' Ed Bahlman. Although he initially showed little interest he came around to like them after beeing blown away by seeing them perform live.

They were influenced by the DIY punk aesthetic, by African and Jamaican music, and by the idea of groove-based songs. Their song Cavern was famously sampled by Grandmaster Flash for his hit White Lines and the success of this song intensified the interest in Liquid Liquid's original, with radio and club DJs mixing the two tracks together.

The legal dispute that arose around the use of the sample led to the closure of 99 Records because, despite a favourable ruling for Ed Bahlman, Grandmaster Flash's label, Sugerhill, had gone into receivership and were unable to pay the court costs or damages, leaving Ed Bahlman to foot his own legal bills.

Alongside ESG and Konk, Liquid Liquid are one of the key post punk bands to have crossed over to the disco and hip hop scenes.

Liquid Liquid are featured on the first volume in our New York Noise series of compilations.

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