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Lone Ranger

One of the first dancehall DJ?s, Lone Ranger AKA Anthony Waldron was actually born and grew up in Tottenham, London yet he made his name in the Kingston dancehalls of the late 70s and early 80s where he was the number one DJ with the hugely popular Virgo Hi Fi sound system. There is a sense of humour in his warm style which e has a very different style of MCing, no doubt partly due to his UK upbringing and he punctuates his delivery with ?ribbits?, ?oinks? and other strange noises. He began his recording career at Studio One and had major hits with ?Love Bump?, a version of Slim Smith?s ?Rougher Yet? and ?The Answer?, a version of another Slim Smith tune, ?Never Let Go?. He also had hits with Alvin ?GG? Ranglin (the massive ?Barnabas Collins?), Winston Riley?s Techniques label and Channel One and still records and performs today.

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