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Mars were the first of the no wave groups to emerge from the underground downtown scene in mid seventies to early eighties New York.

No wave was the term given to the anti-music created by a group of bands that sought to challenge, and disengage from, past styles of rock music. These (non) musicians did not infact entirely reject their influences, but did respond to them in a radically original way: no wave music was charactersed by dissonance; jerky, stumbling rhythms; short and unusual strong structures; choking or screamed vocals; and perhaps primarily by the snarly nihilism of many of the musicians.

Mars were painters Sumner Crane and Nancy Arlen and actors China Burg and Mark Cunningham.

Mars are featured on the first volume of our New York Noise series of compilations. No wave fans should check out the whole series for more rare noisey gems!

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