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Mighty Diamonds

Jamaican vocal trio consisting of Donald ?Tabby? Shaw, Fitzroy ?Bunny? Simpson and Lloyd ?Judge? Ferguson. Incredibly popular since the mid 70s, their first recordings with a variety of different producers were unsuccessful but this changed after they joined forces with the Hookim brothers? Channel One outfit and recorded ?Hey Girl?, ?Country Living? and ?Right Time?. The group were catapulted to superstar status in Jamaica and the Channel One sound, often covers of classic Studio One rhythms featuring the militant drumming of Sly Dunbar ruled the dancehalls for the next few years. As a result of their new found success the group, along with the Hookims signed with major label Virgin to release their classic debut LP ?Right Time?. It sold well but the follow up, ?Ice On Fire?, produced by New Orleans veteran Allen Toussaint wasn?t so successful. However, the group continued to release successful singles with Channel One and Joe Gibbs for the remainder of the decade until hitting it big again in 1981 with the anthemic ?Pass The Kouchie?, originally a dubplate recorded for producer Gussie Clarke which would later provide the basis of UK chart number one pop hit ?Pass The Dutchie? by Musical Youth.

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