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Mofungo were part of the New York underground downtown scene of the late seventies and early eighties.

The members of Mofungo had been involved with various downtown bands since the late seventies and began playing together at places like Georgio Gomelsky's Zu House on 24th Street, where the house band featured Bill Laswell of Material. Some of their early recordings were made using the Public Access Synthesiser Studio which was a project that attempted to make what was at the time prohibitively expensive equipment available to artists.

Mofungo were featured on the cult no wave compilation Tape Number One and were asked by Lee Renaldo of Sonic Youth to appear at the genre-defining Noise Fest series of concerts.

Mofungo recorded for the Zoar label which was run by cult avant garde/noise musician Elliot Sharp, and he became a floating member of the band after dating Mofungo's saxophonist AC Chubb, who eventually left the group to live in a teepee in her ancestral homeland on a Conecticut reservation!

Mofungo are featured on the second volume of Soul Jazz Record's New York Noise series of compilations.

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