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Prince Jazzbo

Born Linval Carter, Prince Jazzbo was the first in a long line of ?rockstone? DJ?s, those possessing rough, tough and gruff voices that the Rough Guide to Reggae describes as ?sounding as though their owners had seen it all and only just lived to tell the tale?

Jazzbo, like so many others began his career at Studio One ? legend has it that Coxsone Dodd ran a rhythm at random, Horace Andy?s ?Skylarking? to see what this youth from the country looking for a break capable of and Jazzbo delivered ?Crabwalking? in one take, which went on to become a massive hit and an all time classic. More success followed with hits such as ?School?, ?Pepper Rock? and ?Crime Don?t Pay?. If Studio One had released an album at this point Jazzbo would surely be a lot more famous but this didn?t happen until some 20 years or so later with ?Choice of Version?. In the event he went on to work with other producers such as Lee Perry, Bunny Lee and Glen Brown. He had a very public but friendly war with fellow DJ I Roy, which included the cuts "Straight to Jazzbo's Head" from I-Roy and Jazzbo?s retort, "Straight to I-Roy's Head" In 1977 he launched his own ?Ujama? label, which he still continues to run today

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