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Prince Lincoln

Jamaican singer, songwriter and arranger Prince Lincoln started out as a member of Rocksteady group The Tartans in the mid 1960s. His first recordings as a solo artist were in the early 70s at Studio One where he recorded tracks such as ?True Experience? and ?Live Up To Your Name?. Whilst these failed to achieve great commercial success they did gain him recognition with worldwide followers of the newly emerging Roots music that was coming out of Jamaica at the time

He then left Studio One to set up his own ?God Sent? record label and began releasing records under the name The Royal Rasses, essentially solo records but with other singers harmonising, such as Cedric Myton of the Congos, who had also been a member of The Tartans, and Studio One stalwart Jennifer Lara. Two of the most popular Roots anthems of all time came out of this period, ?Love The Way It Should Be? and ?Kingston 11?, massive hits both in Jamaica and the UK. A successful European tour followed but then a move towards making records with a more crossover appeal only served to alienate existing fans and failed to attract new ones. He did continue to record and produce throughout the 80s and 90s with varying degrees of success whilst running an Ital store in Tottenham, London. Sadly he passed away in 1999, shortly before his 50th birthday. As the man himself said ?This music is for the moral upliftment of all humanity?

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