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Pulsallama were an all-female big band whose members included Lori Montana, Ande Whyland, Dany Johnson, Min Thometz, Stacey Elkin, Jean Caffeine, Ann Magnusson, Kimberly Davis, Wendy Wild, and April Palmieri.

They were all regulars at New York underground downtown artists' hangout Club 57 where they initially played together in a one-off performance for a bacchanalian theme party. They found the experience so much fun that they decided to form a a band. Pulsallama were part of a group of friends who in mock formality called themselves the Ladies Auxiliary of the Lower East Side and together they organised parties and pooled useful information keeping a secret file with details of all the men they'd slept with for each other to consult!

Pulsallama recorded for the American wing of the British post punk label Y and also appeared on Elliot Sharp's Zoar label. It seems that the members of Pulsallama enjoyed a vigorous debate, and were not averse to pressing home their points with a little physical aggression! They nearly got thrown out of two of their recording sessions for brawling with one another, and during one session their fighting became so intense that it caused a group of derelicts in the street outside to shout and bang on the Studio door in an attempt to calm the band down: it's said that if you listen to the recrod carefully you can actually hear them remonstrationg in the background!

Pulsallama are featured on the second volume of our New York Noise series of compilations.

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