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Tenor Saw

Born Clive Bright, Kingston, Jamaica, 1966. Tenor Saw became a major star in Jamaica in the mid 1980s with the birth of the new Digital style of reggae. His debut recording, ?Roll Call? appeared on George Phang?s Powerhouse label in 1984. The following year he worked with Sugar Minott?s Youth Promotion sound system and label and recorded the hit ?Lots of Sign?. He also scored another big hit with ?Pumpkin Belly? for King Jammy

However, his biggest record by far came the following year with the massive ?Ring The Alarm? for the Techniques label. Producer and label owner Winston Riley had first utilised the mighty ?Stalag? rhythm for Ansell Collins? 1973 organ instrumental ?Stalag 17? but here he and Tenor Saw employed a beefed-up, overdubbed version to produce one of the most devastating sound boy burial tunes of all time.

Released just after Wayne Smith?s King Jammy produced ?Under Me Sleng Teng? the track cemented the change that was to completely revolutionise Jamaican music - the Digital age. Producers realised that it wasn?t necessary to have expensive and tempramental musicians to build your rhythms, instead you could build them using digital technology and still have hits

Although it was never going to be easy following on after such a big tune he continued to keep the hits flowing with records such as ?Golden Hen? in 1986. In the same year Sugar Minott released his debut album, ?Fever? on his Youth Promotion label and even though it was without ?Ring The Alarm?, his biggest hit it was still a massive seller worldwide

He then had successful trips to Miami, New York and London where he recorded more excellent material. In 1988, at the height of his powers he was found dead with multiple injuries on the outskirts of Houston, Texas, apparently after being hit by a car ? debate still rages over the circumstances that led to this tragedy but it is widely believed that he was murdered

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