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Tommy McCook

Jamaican saxophonist, flautist and band leader, he attended the legendary Alpha Boys School, the Kingston school for delinquent boys where many of Jamaica?s most talented musicians learnt their craft. He left the school at 14 and joined Eric Deans? group, the most popular jazz band on the island. In the early 60s he became a founder member of the Skatalites, the group that would change the course of Jamaican music for ever. With them he had an incredible number of hits before the group disbanded in 1965. He then became leader of The Supersonics, the in-house band at Duke Reid?s Treasure Isle studio, having Rock Steady instrumental hits with the group in their own right as well as backing the likes of Alton Ellis, Justin Hinds and The Dominoes, The Paragons and many many more. He later went on to record for many of the top studios and producers including Channel One, Bunny Lee, Joe Gibbs, Yabby You, Randys and Glen Brown and was a leading member of their in house bands such as The Revolutionaires, The Aggrovators and The Professionals. Therefore his contribution to modern Jamaican music has been immeasurable.

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