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Born Wade Brammer, Kingston, Jamaica, 1954, Trinity was a huge DJ star in Jamaica in the mid to late 1970s. He first appeared on the scene in the early 70s under the name Prince Glen, a graduate from the Big Youth school of DJ?s but in 1976, under the name Trinity, things really took off for him. He recorded successful singles such as ?Set Up Yourself? and ?Crankface? (with his friend Dillinger) for Joseph ?Joe Joe? Hookim at Channel One and ?Words of the Prophet? and ?Consumption Tax? for Yabby You?s Prophets label. Yabby also released his debut album, ?Shanty Town Determination?. Later that year he recorded another album, this time for UK producer Clement Bushay

1977 was an even bigger year for Trinity, recording some 20 singles for the likes of producers Winston Riley, Tommy Cowan and Yabby You. However, his biggest hit by far was the massive ?Three Piece Suit?, produced by the Mighty Two, aka Joe Gibbs and Errol Thompson and released on the Joe Gibbs label. The track itself was an updated cut of Alton Ellis?s Studio One hit ?I?m Still In Love? and proved immediately popular, perfectly anticipating the dancehall era that was about to take over Jamaican music. The ?answer? record, Althea and Donna?s ?Uptown Top Ranking? was an even bigger hit, making number one in the UK pop charts. An excellent album named after the single, ?Three Piece Suit? also sold well

That same year he recorded another successful album, ?Uptown Girl?, this time for producer Bunny Lee. The following year, 1978, he shared an album with fellow DJ Ranking Trevor (Three Piece Chicken and Chips) and appeared on the Mighty Diamonds ?Showcase? album, released on the Burning Sounds label. Subsequent releases didn?t fair so well but in the 80s he reappeared as a singer under the name Junior Brammer, releasing two albums, ?Telephone Line? and ?Hold Your Corner? in 1987

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